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Finding a new job may seem daunting to some and exciting to others; however, let’s face it, it’s one of the most critical life decisions you will make. We recognise this, and our wealth of recruitment and industry experience will help guide you through every step of the recruitment process, from applying for a job to the interview and the job offer.

What can you expect?


Applying for a Job

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    We have a thorough conversation to understand and establish precisely what you seek in a new role and the direction you want your career to take.

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    We match your requirements to our current vacancies and, with your permission, proactively present future roles to you for consideration, often before they are advertised on the open market.

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    If you have applied for a vacancy, we thoroughly discuss the opportunity, giving you a detailed overview of the company and specific information on the role and the skills and experience required by the employer.

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    The job market is competitive, so we help you secure the best chance of obtaining an interview by providing CV tailoring guidance for specific roles. Highlighting the skills and experience most important to an employer helps get you noticed in the crowd.

The Interview

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    So, you are one step closer to that dream job and have secured an interview; we constantly communicate and guide you smoothly through the process.

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    We know our clients very well and take the same detailed approach to establish what is important to them from their next employee. We provide advice on the best way to prepare for the interview and help focus your preparation on the subjects they are looking to explore. Take a look at some of our other resources.

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    Before your interview, we issue full details, including a website link, job specification, supporting information such as press releases and product data, and background information on the interviewer.

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    We advise on the expected duration, format, and how many stages are in the interview process.

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    After the interview, we take detailed feedback from you and the employer. We provide answers to any questions that you or the employer may have and communicate honest feedback to all parties and keep you constantly appraised of the expected interview completion timescale.


The Offer

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    Once you receive a job offer, we advise on the best way to negotiate your salary and contract of employment if necessary.

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    We help with guidance on the process of resigning from your current role.

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    It is not uncommon to receive a counteroffer from your current employer. We help advise you on managing this diplomatically so that you maintain an amicable relationship and have a positive transfer into your new job.


Gerard helped me find a job without any hassle, and I was very impressed with his work ethic and prompt communication skills throughout the process. Gerard is a wonderful person to work with, as he has exceptional expertise in finding the right job for his candidates. One thing that sets Gerard apart from others is that he is really enthusiastic about finding the right prospect for his candidates. Gerard is motivated, demonstrates a solid work ethic, and is a dedicated individual with a positive attitude. Thank you, Gerard, for the opportunity.

Usman Qayyum, Automation Project Manager

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Gerard Latham. He prepared me extremely well for interviews, was very patient with me & kept in constant contact. Having dealt with numerous agencies in the past and not having had great experiences, Gerard restored my faith in agencies, making me feel like an individual rather than just another number looking for a job. He is an expert. I'm sure that his efficiency will help other candidates to find a good job and also to have this vital support that I had.

Elena Susickiene, CAD Revit Technician

Gerard helped me get employment after some time off work and struggling with other recruiters. Gerard was professional, diligent, and a delight to work with over my interview periods. He definitely regained my faith in recruitment agencies. Thank you very much for all your help.

David Nolan, Project Manager

Gerard is an excellent recruiter. He really impressed me with his dedication and the fact that he was involved personally during the whole process. He really knows how to help somebody, and he delivers a superb service. You can trust him!

Jabriel Jecu, Helpdesk Support Engineer

Gerard is one of the most professional recruiters I have worked with. His passion and dedication to his customers' satisfaction stand out. He helped me to get prepared before each stage of the application process and made sure I had everything in the right place. I highly recommend Gerard for any recruitment process support.

Sebastian Smela, Senior Engineer

Fantastic service. Everything felt more personal and professional compared to most other recruitment firms I've dealt with. Highly recommended.

Anthony Heyes, Field Service Engineer

Gerard did a great job of finding and recommending me for a job that was a great fit for me! I can't thank him enough for his help and commitment in guiding me through the interview process!

Thomas Woodward, Product Manager

Gerard was committed to finding me my next role. The communications and updates throughout the whole process were helpful and reassuring, along with information and advice. Thank you, Gerard, for your help and assistance.

Sanjiv Shah, Test Engineer

Gerard was very supportive throughout every stage of the interview process and the job search in general.

M. Tamblyn, AI /Data Scientist

I am grateful to Gerard for helping me find a job as a Mechanical Design Engineer. He is very easy and pleasant to talk to, and his response to my application was quick. He gave me support throughout the selection process, has always kept in contact with me and has always let me know of any updates available. Thank you so much for all the help, Gerard, and thank you very much for the opportunity you have given me.

Marc Abalos, Mechanical Design Engineer

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